1. Where can I buy a print of your photography or graphics?

You can buy my artwork or photos from this link: BUY PRINT

If you do not find the work you want there. Please send me a message and I will post it! CONTACT FORM

2. Can I buy a license to cover a book, poster, advertisement, etc.?

Yes you can!
Please contact me and describe in detail what you will use my work for. What format, what image size do you need … If it’s for printing – what a kind of print…?

3. Can I use your photography as a reference for my painting?

Yes, you can!
I’m glad my work inspired you!
Of course you have to add a link to the reference image on my website and to designate me as an author!
Also you have to make a donation to my PayPal account in an amount that suits you!

PayPal Payment Donation Form

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I will be glad when you are ready to send me a picture of your artwork!

4. I used your work without your permission. Your lawyers contacted me. What should I do!?

I can not help you! You had to contact me before using my works! Now you will have to talk to my lawyers!