The Horses II by Dimitar Hristov   54ka 54ka news  Photo

Galloping horses.
Power, motion, momentum.
Beauty, grace, tranquility.
Peace and movement.
They are the symbol – The Horses – the characters of the second album, self-titled major photo project of Dimitar Hristov – 54ka.
The horse is our millennial friend and fellow traveler, he nobly had accepted the man, and this remain unchanged over the centuries, in unity, harmony and fusion. This ancient creature who is giving us, even today, intoxicating sense of freedom, leading us onward along the Road…

The exquisite photographs reveal various states of The Horse – hectic, enjoying and even having fun while posing for the lens of the author.

Besides the images in the album are included revelations of famous Bulgarians about  horses.
In the blog project, The Horses, you can enjoy the funny moments about its creation.

Dimitar Hristov is an artist, designer, photographer and visionary …. And the best part of every dream come true, the man rushes to the next …


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