20 Best photos of 2020 photography 54ka news  Photo20 Best photos of 2020 photography 54ka news  Photo

20 Best photos of 2020 by Dimitar Hristov – 54ka

Training day of young riders – Jumping Horses

Portrait of a girl with Dragon mask

Fashion Portrait in Black and White

Extreme Connection Festival VI

Flowers on beautiful bokeh background

Dreamy woman – Fashion portrait

Calm horses in the evening

Girl rides a horse in meadow at sunset

White wild Horse – Fast galloping

Four horses running in a field

Red horse galloping in dust

Lovely Ballerina Portrait – Strobist Photography

Silhouette of young woman on white background – Studio Art Photography

Fashion Style Woman Portrait

Spring leaves

Expressive art portrait of a girl on lighting background

Head shot of a beautiful bay horse

Beautiful Lady with Mysterious Fashion Venetian Mask

Red horse vintage portrait

7 apples – Musical Theater