I greatly thank the National Academy of Art for The Honor 54ka news  PhotoA unique week has passed in my life!
Implemented with inspiring meetings with extremely interesting and positive people !!! <3
I greatly thank the National Academy of Art for the invitation and recognition of my work on the direct relationship in building harmony between chromatic color and sound.
I especially want to thank Deputy Professor Assoc. Daniela Yankova and Didi Spasova for the perfect organization!

Milen Tomov, without whose support this presentation would not sound like this !!!
Emil Linkov, Bojidara Dyulgerova, Yaroslav Yovchev for the moral and logistic support … and for the traveled over 1000km!

The next day, on May 10, there was a very exciting meeting for me with the members of Club Photo World – Sofia.
Despite the 36-hour insomnia that I had gathered … the warm welcome I received was a unique charge!
Thanks to Emanuil Treyman and Villy Goutova for an invitation and for this great experience!
I am extremely pleased with the fact that you succeed in creating a Society of talented, interesting and inspiring people! What is the mission of the Creative Thinking School! And I believe that if there are more such people, many things in our lives will change for the better!

Thanks to Vladina Cekova and the whole team of “Paths” at BNT and JAZZ FM Radio for media support!

THANK YOU !!! <3