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It will be a “a breath of fresh air” for artists and fans of visual and applied arts, said the initiator of his creation Dimitar Hristov

The desire for change is the main motive for the emergence of a new initiative in Dobrich – a School of Creative Thinking. We are talking about a change in the attitude of the creators to their work, the process of creating a work, and a change in the attitude of the creators to one another. “School” may not be the exact definition, because there everyone can be a teacher but a student. The Creative Thinking School will be held once a week – every Friday at 19:00 at the “The Maze” Club in Dobrich, and its start is on January 19th.

The idea is of the artist Dimitar Hristov, who has been working in the field of visual and applied arts for many years and his achievements show that he definitely has something to share and how to support the novice artists. The meetings that he organizes are invited people who are amateur or professionally engaged in visual and applied arts – artists, photographers, illustrators, applicators and others, as well as those interested in the subject. The Creative Thinking School will be open to participants of all ages. Dimitar Hristov described it as an extension of the field of photography education, with the participation of children and youths from 8 to 12 grade, realized 4 years ago.

Many people around us, of all ages, are intruded into oneself and locked into themselves, but for one reason or another they need to create, create unique things. They often limit their creative contacts in groups of 5-6 people. Others create impressive works, but they can not talk about their creativity. The space I will try to create is for them, says Hristov. It is expected to be a “breath of air” for those of the artists who want to share their own projects, or even one of their works. What matters is, in this case, not only to present the final product, but also the elements of the process of its creation. But everyone can only share as much as he wants.
The format of each Friday meeting is open and flexible. Each participant can become a lecturer. Different topics will be draw – challenges that anyone can get involved in next event.
The intention is to pass on and share knowledge, skills and reasoning that can not be covered in the usual thematic lecture format. Therefore, the Creative Thinking School will be a constantly evolving process in which people get information about how to create their own, unique and recognizable style, as well as learn how to talk about their creativity.

Another aspect of the activities is to get a mutual inspiration – an environment in which creators will be encouraged and supported. Because every artist needs support, says Dimitar Hristov. At the same time, those in the field will meet established artists.
In a next stage of the initiative, skype conference will be held with artists from different fields of art from the country and abroad.

Dimitar Hristov is an artist who has developed his potential in different directions. He graduated from the National Academy of Arts – Sofia. He has his own and unique style in her work as a photographer, schedule, and applied arts. Highly appreciated by the specialists is his work in the field of graphic and web design. His talent ranks him in the world elite of horses photographers – a topic he is highly addicted to. He is sought as a lecturer on visual arts, both in Bulgaria and abroad. He is the author of the cover of books that are world bestselling, and the companies he works for are world leaders. He has won a number of awards in the field of graphic and web design and digital graphics.
The accumulated years of experience is the basis of Dimitar Hristov’s desire to create a Creative Thinking School that will bring together the creative and visual arts in Dobrich and Bulgaria.