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1 Photo | Canon 40D | Canon 17-40mm f/4 L USM | Photoshop CS5

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Tags: horse, mist, dust, action, active, adult, allure, angry, animal, arab, arabian, background, beast, beautiful, beauty, black, champion, color, curious, domestic, dressage, dust, ears, elegance, elegant, emotions, equestrian, equine, farm, fast, fastest, fauna, fight, force, free, freedom, gallop, gelding, grace, gray, great, grey, ground, handsome, head, herd, hoofed, horse, horsepower, inquisitive, isolated, jump, light, long, male, mammal, mane, motion, moving, natural, nature, neck, noble, one, outside, outstanding, pet, photo-manipulation, portrait, power, powerful, purebred, racing, ranch, rare, riding, royal, run, runner, saddle, sand, silver, speed, sport, sports, stable, stallion, standing, start, strong, success, tail, tale, thoroughbred, trot, western, white, wild, young, 54ka, photo, gallery, shot, akhal, andalusian, argentinian, bay, big, breed, brown, budenny, canter, card, chestnut, close, closeup, contest, cute, dapple, dark, domesticated, dresser, dressing, espanola, event, eye, fast-horse, flight, fly, forelock, fur, halter, horse-racing, iron, isolation, kanter, kick, look, mare, marks, mouth, nose, nostril, object, pace, pony, prance, pura, racer, raza, rear, rider, ruminant, shade, shadow, skin, snout, space, span, stare, stirrup, summer, tack, teke, training, trotter, back, bet, betting, blur, blurry, breeder, breeders, chance, colorful, compete, competition, competitor, courage, course, crown, cup, derby, determination, determined, exciting, flat, gamble, gambling, gaming, hear, her, hippodrome, horizontal, jockey, lead, leader, loser, losing, movement, odds, outdoor, people, preakness, quick, race, racecourse, racetrack, ride, risk, rival, rivalry, roar, several, strength, trace, track, triple, two, victory, wager, whip, win, winner, winning, horses, horse selection