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1 Photo | Canon 20D | Canon 17-40mm | Photoshop

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Tags: horse, Wild, blue, motion, movement, fast, Photomanipulation, texture, Splendid, photo, grand, animals, animal, rein, bridle, sport, art, romantic, romantically, glorious, fakedof, elegant, Canon 20D, CS3, Photoshop, Wind, morning, fog, sunrise, alive, alone, calm, cloudy, country, countryside, dark, domestic, domesticated, dramatic, early, energy, equestrian, equine, farm, field, foggy, freedom, gallop, grass, grassy, grazes, grazing, haze, hazy, horses, inspiration, lonely, love, mare, meadow, mist, misty, morn, natural, nature, obscured, one, painting, pasture, peaceful, pet, postcard, pride, proud, ranch, running, rural, serene, serenity, silhouette, simple, simplicity, single, spirited, spiritual, stallion, standing, still, thoroughbred, tranquil, tranquility, wild, horse selection